Ling Cod is a good eating BIG UGLY bottom fish that lives in NW waters and is open for fishing in Puget Sound from May 1st to June 15th. The meat I would describe as a cross between True Cod and Halibut. 
It's a firm white meat good for fish and chips , grilled or just baked with lemon, butter and pepper or dill weed.

We drift fish for the Ling Cod with live bait in high current areas so we must back into the current to slow down the drift so we can work our bait up and down the rock ledges. Lings are strong fighters and some will get lost in the rocks. Fish over 36 inches are released per regulations so some of these fish we release weigh to 40 lbs or more! Don't worry, we can still keep Ling Cod 26 inches to 36 inches long so the keepers weigh in at 8 lbs to 17 lbs with the average keeper fish going about 12 lbs. We will also pick up a few Cabezon, Rockfish and even Sand Sharks.

    Lingcod Mouth and TEETH!