Q : We are visiting Seattle. How can we get our fish home?

A : We will clean (fillets or whole) and bag your fish at the dock. Then you have options;

1) You may freeze your cleaned and filleted fish at your VRBO, Air B&B or hotel and carry on the double bagged frozen fish with you on your domestic flight.

2) Various Fish Markets such as External link opens in new tab or windowWild Salmon MarketExternal link opens in new tab or window at External link opens in new tab or windowFisherman's Terminal or External link opens in new tab or windowCity Fish Co at External link opens in new tab or windowPike Place Market in downtown Seattle will actually pack and ship your fish at the current shipping rates and overnight ship to your door at the requested date or prepare for flight. External link opens in new tab or windowB&E Meats can smoke your salmon and ship to you. (Tip; Take a picture of your catch card or fishing license issued on the boat to show the fish market or TSA if they need it)

3)  Your hotel can often cold store or freeze your professionally packed fish and then you may carry or check the cold ship box on your return flight to save overnight shipping costs.

4) External link opens in new tab or windowFred Meyer store in Ballard sells dry ice and soft coolers you can pack yourself for carry on or checked bag.

Q: Do I need a fishing license?

A: Yes. We sell the one day fishing license on board the boat, currently $10 in 2019 and is required age 15 and up. The Salmon Catch card is required for Salmon fishing all ages and is free and also are provided on board the boat. All equipment, fish cleaning and fish bags are included.

Q: Is there an age limit for doing these charters?

A: Not technically, but our experience is that kids aged at least 5 and up get the most out of the experience. Under 3 years old is not recommended for safety reasons, and we cant allow babies not old enough to wear a life jacket for their own safety. If you have a group of at least 3 people with small children the shorter afternoon charter might be a good fit.

Q: How can I book a trip?

A: On our PRICES page and on our HOME page click the BOOK NOW button to view availability. You may book online through the secure portal. A deposit of around 20% will secure your reservation.

Q: What is your cancellation Policy?

A: At least 7 days notice is required to cancel for a full refund. If the captain cancels the trip due to high winds or rough seas then your deposit will be refunded. Cancellations within 48 hours may be billed full amount to the card on file.

Q: Are you running Charters during winter months?

A: YES! We operate 12 months of the year and have some very active winter fishing.

Q : Do you go out in the ocean?

A : No. While Puget Sound is connected to the ocean by the strait of Juan de Fuca , the Pacific Ocean is 90 miles from the entrance to the Sound and 140 miles by water from our home port in Seattle.

Q : Is the Puget Sound considered saltwater ?

A : Yes . Tidal currents can be strong, with up to 15 vertical feet of tide change in about 7 hours. There are many rivers flowing into this fertile fjord which averages 600 ft. in depth. The fresh water is dispersed quickly. External link opens in new tab or windowSeattle Tide Charts are available here.

Q : How far out do you go ?

A : About 6 miles from port on average. Salmon fishing can be quite productive 10 minutes out of port and rarely do we need to go more than 10 or 12 miles to find fish. This yields about 5 hours of actual fishing on a 6 hour trip. Remember our trip times and duration are flexible.

Q : Does the Water get rough ?

A : It can be a little rough at times . Choppy is a better word for it . We rarely see more than 1 to 3 foot wind waves . There are no swells and consequently little or no seasickness . In fact many days on the Sound are as calm as a small lake. Your captain will use reliable and current External link opens in new tab or windowNOAA weather data to stay up to date on External link opens in new tab or windowPuget Sound marine forecast and External link opens in new tab or windowcurrent conditions.


Q : How far in advance do I need to book?

A : Winter months almost always have room available and try to book 2 to 4 weeks during peak summer times is what's recommended but you can always call and see what's available. Some lucky folks get a booking a day or two before they go out and the afternoons are often available on short notice. To secure an exact date please try to book as far in advance as you can

Q : Do you provide fishing poles ?

A : Yes! We provide everything you need to catch fish including quality rods, reels, bait & tackle, fish cleaning and bagging. All at no additional charge.

Q : What do I need to bring ?

A : Warm clothes, Snacks and beverages . Even in August it can get quite cold on the water, especially early morning hours. If you wear shorts you should also bring pants or sweats. A camera, sunglasses and sunscreen can also be handy.

Q : How many people can you take on your boat ?

A : We can take 6 persons but book below capacity on shared charters keeping them at 3 to 5 people unless your private group size is larger. We can also arrange for larger groups (to 18 persons) to split 2 or 3 boats.

Q : Can you recommend a good place to stay nearby?

A : Yes. Go to the Accommodations page to see our top referrals. Of course there are many other places to stay in Seattle that are good but these are the closest accommodations of fair quality and pricing.

Q : When is the best time to fish ?

A : May bottom fishing is growing in popularity every year as the large Ling Cod are just plain impressive. Juvenile Kings (young Chinook salmon locals call “Blackmouth”) feed all year around in Puget Sound, October and November are the best Blackmouth months. Adult Kings (mature Chinook) which are the largest of all salmon , start showing in June and peak in July and August . Silvers (Coho salmon) provide some of the hottest action of the year and run strongest in August, September and October. Also see SEASONS

Q : Do you have a bathroom on board ?

A : Yes. We have an enclosed “head” (enclosed marine bathroom, electric toilet and sink).

Q : What type of poles and tackle do you use ?

A : We use External link opens in new tab or windowFenwick and External link opens in new tab or windowBerkley fishing rods with Penn and External link opens in new tab or windowShimano reels. The reels are loaded with 15 and 20 lb. External link opens in new tab or windowTrilene mainline. Lines are held deep while trolling with a line release on the Penn electric External link opens in new tab or windowdownrigger. This releases so you fight fish on the fishing pole after the fish strikes. You just hang out and jump on a rod when it goes. For terminal tackle we use a variety of rigs from spoons and plugs to dodger and fly or dodger and plastic combinations. Natural baits such as fresh herring are used on the lighter rods. Live bait is not conducive to salmon trolling as the sensitive baits don’t survive well trolling down as deep as 160 feet.

Q : Why do you need a External link opens in new tab or windowdownrigger?

A : To get down to the fish; Without temporarily using the 10 lb downrigger weight we would need to use huge weights on our poles to get down deep where the fish are while trolling (motoring) . Click here for External link opens in new tab or windowimage of downrigger trolling

The downrigger weight releases the line when a fish is hooked and then we can fight the fish without weight on our line except the fish and the lure. Click for External link opens in new tab or windowdownrigger concept.