Good fishing opportunities abound the saltwater fringes of Seattle Washington at nearly any time of year. King Salmon and Coho Salmon are the most often targeted sport fish in Puget Sound. There are however times when retaining Salmon is not allowed in most areas. It is at that time that we usually focus on fishing for bottom fish such as Lingcod or Flounder. We may also fish catch and release for Salmon.

Please look below to see when you might like to fish.

 Also called Blackmouth Salmon are the Hungriest, best biting Salmon of them all!
Usually opens November 1st (But in 2018/19 season January 1st will open in the best areas and fishing should be HOT!) and should stay open most of the winter through April 30th providing the most consistent Salmon opportunities of the year. These are hungry juveniles and the action is usually very good.

 Salmon closed in May so we have LINGCOD or Flounder  Only or Combo

June 1st Salmon re-opens for Coho only and release King Salmon until July 16th.

King Salmon opens July 16 and usually lasts 4 to 6 weeks.

While the chart below reflects the peak run times, it does not necessarily show when seasons are open. You may book your trip based on the information on this page. If we have concerns about available fishing options on your date we will contact you to provide options.

We have a good history of providing a quality experience regardless of the species available.

If you have any concerns please contact us before you book.


Sand Dabs (Flounder) Open year around, Best May through October

Dungeness Crab open July 1st through Labor Day (September 5th 2016), Some years it re-opens October, November.

Kings: The Mature Chinook Salmon run peaks in early August and run from mid June through the end of August in Puget Sound. Kings are the prize of every serious salmon angler. You don't have to be an expert to land one, but it doesn't hurt to go fishing with an expert.

Blackmouth: These "Blackmouth" are Juvenile King Salmon that live in Puget Sound all year around and provide the best winter Salmon fishing November through April.

Silvers:  (Coho Salmon) Run June through October and peak in September
Silvers provide some of the hottest action of the year. Limits for everyone by 9 or 10 am is quite common. The average size of 6 lbs. Is not as big as Kings but lots of activity often  makes up the difference.
Later season Coho are larger than early season.


 Pinks: (Also called Humpies) Pink Salmon run every two years during
ODD YEARS ONLY (2017, 2019 and so on) around
August 1st to September 15th and usually show up in ridiculously high numbers.

Blackmouth : Juvenile King Salmon:  October 16 - April 15

A lot of nice fish are caught on cold winter days.
November, December and January are usually the best months for these hungry juveniles.

Lingcod from Puget Sound


 Honestly, the most productive bottom fishing in Washington and most liberal seasons and limits are found in the much rougher Pacific Ocean ports such as Westport, but the much calmer Puget Sound does have some decent botomfish options.

Lingcod and Cabezon: May 1-June 15

Flounder: Open year around

The month of May is usually good for Ling Cod
We usually bottom fish when salmon is closed such as April 15-May 30 but can also bottom fish at other times.