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College quesadias

You can be eating this 5 minutes after deciding to make it.
This quick meal added zest to my diet of Top Ramen and Mac & Cheese back in college. I still make it without preheating the oven and by grating the cheese directly onto the tortilla

  • Large flour tortillas
  • Grated cheddar or pepper jack cheese
  • Chopped onions
  • La Victoria Salsa Brava (Hot), Taco Sauce (Mild) or your favorite salsa
  • Sour cream or plain yogurt optional

Make It

  1. Turn on the oven to 325 degrees F (you do not need to wait for it to pre-heat, go directly to step 2)
  2. Place the tortillas on the counter and grate the cheese directly from the block of cheese onto the      tortillas.
  3. Slice then chop a little onion (if desired) and sprinkle it onto the tortillas.
  4. Place the tortillas directly onto the middle oven rack. (It's best if the oven is not yet pre-heated)
  5. Set the timer for 3 minutes and check to see if it is starting to get crispy around the edges. In my oven it takes 4 minutes exactly but every oven is different. (When I was young I never used a timer. I just stood in front of the oven starving and checking it every 30 seconds until it was done.) They will start to burn shortly after getting crispy.
  6. When the edges get crispy remove from the oven and cut into sixths (3 cuts)
  7. Serve with hot sauce and sour cream if desired. Good for kids, good with beer but not good with kids and beer.